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Navigating This Life…

The Player, The Board And The Pieces.

‘The moment was still there when he had seen two boys playing chess, and there had been an explosion of certainty that he wanted that too, forever, whatever it would turn out to be.’

Life is the greatest chess game you shall ever play. In the place of the chess board is the world and for pieces one has people. Some people shall be your pawns, others your knights, others your bishops, others your castles and only one for a Queen and King. Your opponent sits across you, call him who you may: adversaries, friends, fate or maybe God. Both of you act civil observing the rules of the game.

Learning the chess game of life requires a certain way of looking at the board, the world. It takes years of practice for much of the game may not come naturally. You learn to judge all things for what they shall cost you. Some pieces can be sacrificed for greater ones and for more maneuverability in sight of the greater goal.  You have to train your eye to follow the results of all moves and outward circumstances. You must develop the ability to study and understand people and circumstances. One ought not to judge their opponent by their intentions but only by the effect of their actions.

Your mastery shall come from what you do, not do or allow yourself to get dragged into, your greatest weapon being your power of choice to cause, respond and react.

Keep in mind that in the game, the number of possible chess positions after the 1st move is 20, after the 2nd – 400, after the 3rd – 5,362 and after the 4th – 8,902 ad infinitum.  A Grandmaster’s genius is judged by how many moves ahead they can see.

How many moves ahead can you see?



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2 thoughts on “Navigating This Life…

  1. Davis,
    First things first; Congs on this milestone and thanks for the initiative.
    I love chess and the truth in this article.
    Qn; How do u stay in and enjoy the present, while maintaining a focus of the future implications of ur present moves?

    Posted by DannytheMarketer | December 15, 2011, 3:44 PM
    • Danny,
      Thank you. I’m still learning the ropes but I’m glad I got off my back side and finally pulled through.

      As for your question this is what I have to say. Whatever you choose to be, do and have make sure you connect with it at a deep level, call it passion, purpose e.t.c because then pleasure and happiness are not limited to the destination (the checkmate) of your moves (actions) but also the journey, the daily battles, the pawn exchanges, the booby traps, the curve balls, the victories, the highs and the lows.
      My belief is that all these connect for the greater good.

      Navigating This Life.

      Posted by Davisthedoc | December 17, 2011, 12:54 PM

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